Whitewashing and Terrorism: A Star Trek Trailer Critique

Star Trek: Into Darkness isn’t even out yet, and yet I only needed to see the trailer to have massive issues with it. I am a Trek Fangirl, and therefore I will not be appeased by J. J. Abrams’ little “nods” to “nerddom” as they are usually referred to in the preliminary movie critiques. Yes, I actually liked the first Star Trek movie he did. Not because it was Star Trek, but because it was a cool, well-made action-film.

Now there is only so much “well-made action” one can take. At some point, I long for the drama, the intense conversations, the personal conflicts that shaped the Original Series as well as The Next Generation. Yep, I’m one of the Picard fans. It should be obvious why I have a problem with too-much-action Star Trek! I quote the Gameological society: “Abrams uses Star Trek’s characters but neglects the themes that made the series great.”

But this is not the case here: My problem is the villain. (Warning: Spoilers ahead.) Continue reading