Minecraft Monday: FishyMint’s texture packs

Has it really been over a year that I last posted about Minecraft? What is wrong with me?! No, seriously, I’m sorry – I kind of stopped playing regularly after my personal server didn’t take off and turned my back on what is still one of my favourite games ever. But no more! Even if I don’t play too regularly, I still browse the forums and try to keep up with the updates. And I found some new texture packs!

FishyMint has created several texture packs that deserve note. Most of them have a nice, pixely feel to them, and I am generally in love with the colour schemes. My favourite so far is his current work-in-progress, Heartstone.

The pack is reminiscent of a lot of old-school RPGs – a style I much prefer for Minecraft instead of the extreme realism packs out there, even if they are well made.

Then there’s Päuci, another 16x pack and originally made for a colour challenge. I love the flatness of the blocks, like the metals here:

i4hrPwIThis one also has a darker, more subdued colour scheme, which creates a cool in-game atmosphere. But to take it even further down the saturation scale, there is VolansFish, a pale and dingy pixel texture set:

J5zf6These three definitely warrant checking out! Keep up the good work 🙂

Also, I need to update my client and check out that horse update… See you soon 🙂

PS [edit]: I just realised that there’s a YouTube Show out there called Minecraft Monday. Obviously I knew the title wasn’t massively creative, but… well, sorry, if anyone noticed that. I’ll try to find a new name for the regular Minecraft posts 🙂