Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game

Christmas is a jolly good time – where everyone celebrates with their families, gorges on cookies and fights over what to watch on TV. Then of course there are the presents, and a time for every gamer to value those friends and family members who know about their (secret) passion. Me, I am one of those lucky ones: I wouldn’t be playing Skyrim, for example, if it weren’t for my last birthday. This Christmas, my brother opted for table-top and picked the Call of Cthulhu Card Game. Naturally, we’ve been testing it these last few days, and this is a small summary of our experiences. (We alternated between this and Carcassonne, another brilliant and very addictive Christmas present.)

Call of Cthulhu Card Game

The rules of CoC seem complex at first, but are actually pretty easy to learn. I’d reccomend this official video to get into the games, but just reading the rules also suffices. The game functions like many dueling card games: Two players battle for success with their individual card decks. I am not going into the details here, for I’d rather discuss the actual experiences we had during the game. For more information on the rules, check the official website or the fan forums.

First, let’s take a look at the game’s “economy”. Continue reading