Fangirl Plays Spore, Part 4

Recently I started re-discovering games that I always wanted to play, but never got around to it. Spore is one of them, and I am tracking my first experiences with the game for fun –  read Part IPart II  and Part III.

Hooray, the Prine made it to civilization, and so have the Carax. Depending on your conduct during the Tribal Stage, your creatures either develop a religious, military or economic alignment. As you may have guessed, the Prine immediately founded a thriving theocracy while the Carax pretty much decided to collectively nuke the planet. I’m guessing the insect race, being on the omnivorous middle-ground, might turn out  to be the economic geeks.

I am a little disappointed, of course, that there seems to be no alternative to the religious dogma thing. Can’t I impress other cultures with enlightened humanism? Oh well. Okay, so let’s start building this town… oh wait, I have to design a building first, hey, that’s cool!

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