Fangirl Plays Spore, Part 5

Recently I started re-discovering games that I always wanted to play, but never got around to it. Spore is one of them, and I am tracking my first experiences with the game for fun.

Once more, I went back to the Nepius (I finally looked up the name of my insect race!) to see what would happen to them along the way. Unfortunately, my efforts to keep them “in the middle” between aggressive and religious were thwarted by the evil Carax! Since all of my neighbouring tribes already hated me for no reason, I really had no choice but to fight instead of converting them with music….. which meant the Nepius ended up as a military dictatorship in the Civlization Stage, too.

Now I have to correct some of what I said in my last post on Spore. I finally figured out that instead of designing everything, I could also chose premade buildings and vehicles. Not a perfect option, but a time-saving one. Plus, some of the premade stuff gives you new ideas! Additionally, I found the button that lets you copy the textures from one building or vehicle to another, which also sped up my city-building process. By the way, did I mention that you can compose your own hymn?! It’s pointless, really, but I had fun with it. Also, I complained that my planet looked ugly. Well, as it turns out, that really just depends on the planet. This one had blue grass mostly, and a green sea, which made it look real funky at sundown. Fangirl appeased!

It was actually great fun playing as a military race. Conquering somehow just makes more sense this way. When I started with this planet, I raised the difficulty to medium, I think, and even though it’s still extremely easy, the game became a little bit more challenging and fun this way. Playing with the Prine, I totally forgot about my “special abilities”: Depending on your alignment (of course), your civilization has several cool powers they can unleash upon another city. With the Nepius, the temptation was just too great, so I actually nuked another city before invading. But in the end, the Stage is still rather boring to play, especially the second time. I think in the end I’ll try one more playthrough on the hardest difficulty setting just to see what changes… but I keep hearing that the Space Stage is where it gets really interesting and great, so let’s have a look! Continue reading