Secret World, Take Two

After my initial frustration with The Secret World, and some criticism on my post about it, I vowed to take another look at Funcom’s Mystery-MMO. I’ll try and sum up my initial points again and add what I played on this second Beta weekend. No, the nitpicking won’t stop.

Immediate Experience

Secret World has a great atmosphere – this is what it does best. I even discovered more “real” websites and even Twitter accounts of NPCs in the game. Easy to setup, very effective gimmick. However, I disliked the fact that my character seemed so little a part of this very mysterious world. She seemed more like a puppet, and there was nothing to disguise the fact that I was just one in a million other players here. What I’ve come to realise now is, that The Secret World doesn’t pretend to be a role-playing game, and it really isn’t. It’s a game that lets you experience a story, but your avatar really is only a relay for yourself into this world. I guess this makes sense: the more immediate your experience, the more terrifying it becomes. To put it simply, your character doesn’t get in the way of the great atmosphere. Continue reading