Salem – A Fool not to expect a Villain

Yes, that’s a log going through a rock. Stop commenting on the graphics – it gets old.

Thievery! While I was off in the woods, foraging for more chestnuts, mushrooms and maybe less aggressive crickets (I got 2 out of 3), someone helped themselves to some of my belongings! To be honest, I was actually little surprised and less annoyed.

All they stole were the rare items I had found by sheer luck. I wouldn’t have been able to use those for a while anyway, since studying them before I had the capacity would have been a waste. Still, I would have expected to be more upset about the loss, and yet I wasn’t. Maybe it was the fact that they stole only that, and left me the rest of my stuff, which actually felt more valuable to me, because I crafted most of it. Funny how this game works.

Anyway, I decided to pack up camp and head out into the wilderness once more, to settle somewhere more… private, I hope. On the road, I get to study all my self-made pilgrim’s crosses – which help me to learn “Indian Tracking” for some reason. Oh well, I guess the Lord moves in mysterious ways.