Salem – The end of the world as we know it

It seems I may have neglected my faith, for yesterday a mysterious voice announced that “The End” was now “nigh” and that I should say goodbye to this cruel world. I expected frogs raining from the heavens or lava to gobble me up from beneath. Alas, no such thing occurred and it turned out to be just a server wipe. Wait, what?! What about all those hours I spent living off dirt and mushrooms? All for nothing? Ah well, I guess one should never become too attached to Beta Characters.

My latest achievement in Salem was indeed a major leap forward on the evolutionary ladder. I managed to teach my character carpentry, and could now construct a sawbuck to make wooden boards. However, this is where the game hit the first little snag in the road: I needed nails to construct the thing. This reminded me of something Bj√∂rn Johanessen had said in an interview: Salem will be a free-2-play MMO with a payment model based on microtransactions. “Players will be able to buy all sorts of things to speed the game up…. like nails, etc.” Back then I didn’t know what was so special about a bunch of nails. Now I know: You need them to step forward into the actual “building stuff”-part of the game, and you cannot get them any other way but to buy them from the market stalls in Boston. Continue reading