C.S. Lewis, The Space Trilogy, And Why I’ll Never Finish It

Out of the Silent Planet by Martin McKiernan
“Out of the Silent Planet” by Martin McKiernan

I tried to approach C.S. Lewis with an open mind. I really tried. But when I reached the end of the second book of his Space Trilogy, I just could not go on. I put off writing this continuation of my Fantasy Literature series, because I thought I would first finish reading the series before I said something about it. But I cannot, so I decided to blog about the two first novels, Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra. I decided to stay objective and open-minded… and I think I have to admit that I failed.

So let me say up front what I had planned to hide beneath a layer of objective criticism: I am an atheist. Always have been, always will be. I wasn’t raised to believe in any kind of religion, and all of them seem very odd and peculiar to me to this day. I don’t mind religious people, as long as they’re not trying to convince or convert me. I consider myself a fairly nice and helpful person, and I try to be as tolerant as I can manage. But when I read Perelandra I felt just plain offended. Continue reading