Kickstarter: Divinity

Soooo pretty

I recently contributed to another kickstarter, namely Divinity: Original Sin, the additional campaign for the developers to put the finishing touches on what looks like a great game already. I have said before that I never got into RPGs of the Baldur’s Gate variety, and I tried to figure out some more why. I do like good story RPGs, I don’t just play strategy… so what was it? Honestly, I think it was the technical issues. Not the graphics, they usually don’t matter to me. But there are so many little things wrong with the controls in older games sometimes! Had I played these isometric RPGs when they came out, surely I wouldn’t have minded so much… but then again I didn’t get into BG when I was a teen because I just wasn’t able to figure out what the hell the game needed me to do. I didn’t play pen&paper back then either so I lacked that support as well… Oh well, in the end I think it is a lot harder to get into games now that are really old if you’re not already used to the controls they’re using. Heck, even Spore is giving me some trouble in that department now, and that’s from 2009!

What I mean is: I am really looking forward to Divinity! It looks ‘”old-school” – I love the isometric view – but still amazingly pretty. I am hoping it will combine the best of nostalgia and modern technicals. What I love most about it though is the coop-mode. Seriously, more games need this! Not everything needs to be turned into an MMO (I’m looking at you, Elder Scrolls), a coop mode is really all that’s needed. Last year, during my internship, I played Trine and Trine 2 with two friends at work from beginning to end, which was awesome! I really hope we get to see more games on the computer to feature this console-like cooperation stuff. Yeah, so that was pretty much all I had to say┬áramble about Divinity. ^^