Godus Beta Access hits Steam Sept 13

When people in the games industry talk about Peter Molyneux these days, they do so with mixed feelings: He has come up with very cool ideas, but their execution sometimes trails behind his promises. Still, he has created some of the most popular games in history, among them a few of my personal favorites, Theme ParkDungeon Keeper, and Black & White. So naturally I’m pretty excited about Godus, which will be available in a first beta version on Steam Early Access on September 13.

I know Godus‘ spiritual predecessor, Populous, but I haven’t played it extensively. I do remember, though, that it was extremely addictive. The continuous shaping of the landscape is the first thing that feels familiar about Godus, only now you get the little scurrying villagers, too, hastily building their abodes. Additionally, the game packs some features reminiscent of Black & White, such as the “battle another god with flame meteors”-feature.


So far, so good! Also, the game is so pretty. Okay, not everyone is a fan of the polygons, but look at the colours! The pancakey landscapes! Reminds me a little of Day of the Tentacle, with its wonky squares and off-center trees.

So, personally, I’m looking forward to Godus. Not sure if I’ll buy it right away, since I rarely do that, but it’s definitely going on the wishlist! We’ll see how it develops until the final release!