Salem – Physical Hardship in Perpetual Autumn

Day 1

Shipped into Boston. Not much to look at, really, not many folks around. Didn’t have nothing to live on, so made for the wilderness. Endless strips of grass and fields, so empty it could make you weep. Some lone trees provide shade from the ever-burning sun of New England.

Day 2

Discovered some rocks and seashells, and made some grass toys to pass the time. I’m barely surviving off mushrooms and berries. But I’m learning, moving forward, growing. I’m getting the feel of this New World, and I’m liking it.

Day 3

Tears stream down my face as I construct my first campfire. Roasted chestnuts and snails surround me with their pungent aroma. I stretch out my feet by the river and know I am home.

Day 6

Still moving forward, collecting bits and pieces of this Garden of Eden. The landscape never changes, and I have soon lost my way. I see beavers, crickets and some deer, but I am much too weak to tackle them. More berries and nuts, snails and the occasional mushroom. When I see that my travels lead me nowhere, I slowly trace my steps back to town, to shelter.

Day 10

There was a guide in Boston who was willing to show me around. He helped me set up a small leanto in a forest somewhere. Surrounded by crimson trees and the smell of forest-soil, I make my first home. Soon I have set up a campfire and try to learn even more about this strange world by studying the fire against the starry night sky.

Day 13

Exploring the forest, I came accross a bear – my heart nearly gave out from the roar. I ran away as fast as I could, but my misfortune didn’t end there. I stumbled into a nasty adder, waiting for me in a bush that promised berries. Badly wounded and probably poisoned I dragged myself back home. Lost all my things on the way, but at least I made it back alive.

Day 15

Still feeling weak. However, I rejoiced when I finally found traces of settlement. An abandoned farmhouse, a fence, some chopped trees. As I trudged on further to the north, I even discovered tilled fields and storage barns. No people to be seen, but here’s proof I am not alone in this world. I relocate my home to one of the abandoned sheds.

Day 18

I have recovered and feel much stronger to tackle this hostile environment. I chop down my first tree and construct tools. In reverence to my faith I make my first crosses and pray that the Lord may send me some challenge to prove my worth.

Day 19

I tried my prowess on an unsuspecting cricket. Unfortunately, it proved too much for me. The cricket knocked me uncoscious, and I crawled to my home in shame. I definitely need to pray more, and train my body to withstand such wrathful creatures. At least I finally learned how to swim, fish, and cook something more than snails. Despite my defeat, life is looking to improve soon.