Minecraft Monday: Forum Picks

This Minecraft Monday, check out a cool redstone battle map, another great building-in-progress from the MC Forums, and of course, a pretty texture pack.

Super Pirate Battle Royal

This awesome battle map gives you two great pirateships equipped with the latest redstone canons. Group up with up to eight friends and hurl some dynamite at each other! If you’re interested in how the canons work, they also made a behind the scenes video that explains the different models of canons they tried. Definitely worth a go.

Neuschwanstein Castle

This guy is amazing. Not only is he building a huge version of the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle, he is doing it in survival. I cannot begin to fathom how long it is taking him to get all that wool. He took screenshots of his breeding pens, it’s hilarious. With the help of detailed plans he managed to make it look so grand and authentic, go take a look! Unfortunately, he’s not finished yet, and said he’d take a break until he’s got all the necessary materials.

KoP Texture Pack

Today I am happy to feature a German texture pack, KoP’s PhotoRealism Textures, available in 128x, 256x and 512x! It includes animated textures, for example glittering ores. One of the coolest things about it are the pictures. I am usually not a fan of realistic texture packs – as cool as Misa and the others look, they’re usually very dark. I want my minecraft world to be light and slightly colourful 😉 This one isn’t, so thumbs up!