Tyrian Cuisine: Salad a la Consortium

For a few months now I’ve been reading the wonderful Blog The Guild Wars Chef – a collection of recipes fashioned after those found in the Chef discipline in Guild Wars 2. It’s a wonderful idea and makes for a growing collection of new ideas for dinner!

I really love the crafting system in Guild Wars 2 – it was the one thing I repetitively wished to have in Guild Wars 1, and I was extremely happy when they announced it. Now I am also one of those people who run off the track screaming “Strawberries!!”, and I usually check in at the cooking (or weaponsmith) station first after a completed mission.

As it turns out, I may be a nerd, but I don’t live off frozen pizza and crisps only. (Sometimes I do, though.) I actually really love to cook. So today I thought I’d do what the GW Chef does and post one of the recipes I tried in real life. You know, to eat! 😉

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