About Fangirled

Oh man, I hate About pages. What do you write on them? Okay, let’s start personal. I’m Julia, 27, from Germany, and I study English Literature. I am currently writing my MA thesis on Fantasy Literature.

I created this blog back in 2009 to write about computer games. I am generally caught in a trap between wanting to play more games to be able to write more about them, and phases where I wonder why I waste my time with them. But then I can’t stop wondering: Why do we play the games we play? What makes them fun? Is fun all that matters or is there more to them? (I think so, yes. However, that only slightly alleviates my fear of wasting my time.) How do we experience virtual worlds – and for that matter, how do we process the real world? And why the hell are there so many achievements in games?

I wrote my BA thesis on The Sims 3. That was a great experience, looking into all the scientific articles written on simulations, and at the same time diving deep into the abyss that is the official Sims forums. My brain will probably never be the same again.

I once made an argument in a cultural studies seminar on Fallout 3 and nobody understood what the heck I was rambling about – but I also made friends with the one person in there that did. Stuff like that makes me hope that it’s good and meaningful to discuss games in a wider cultural setting. Then again, sometimes it’s just cool to talk about how awesome a game is. Not everything has to be meaningful, thank goodness.

In the end, it comes down to this: I write to express my ideas, even if nobody ever reads it, as countless others do. I like voicing my opinion on games or story lines, and even if I am not an expert on anything in particular.  So, I’m like most other bloggers, really.

Thanks to everyone who reads
comments & feedback are always much appreciated

Have fun


4 thoughts on “About Fangirled

  1. What do you write on them?

    Legitimately anything you want. No, I’m dead serious! Therefore, anything you write is valid. Of course, what you write determines what kind of audience you might get lol

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