Achievement Unlocked!

The last 9 months, basicallyEveryone who’s been wondering why I stopped blogging (hello, 3 people over there in the corner), wonder no more! After months of stress and thinking my head into cramps, I finished writing my Master Thesis on Fantasy Literature and, a few weeks ago, passed my final oral exam. Hello, degree, bye bye Uni! I am now actually officially qualified to write about stuff! 😉

I can’t believe it’s over! The great emptiness after University life is daunting and looking for a job is tough. But happily, I am also now returning to filling this blog with insights and comments – hopefully more frequently than before. One of the greatest things of being finished with my literature degree is that I can now read whatever I want! No more reading lists! Oh, except that “fantasy novels you should have read”-printout on my desk. Ah, well. This means my series of fantasy blog posts will continue for now – I just finished Lord Foul’s Bane and can’t wait to write down my thoughts.

Also, I’ve been playing a great deal of Guild Wars 2 again, and hope to write some more about that, as well as finally test a few of the games which have been sleeping on my (real and virtual) shelves. Honestly, my Steam library is beginning to feel like a to-do list itself! Also, I am almost finished with my second watch-through of Star Trek: The Next Generation; I’ve been wanting to write short episode reviews on Star Trek for ages – maybe pick up my old Voyager posts. We’ll see. 🙂

Other than that, I hope you enjoy – thanks for reading! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Achievement Unlocked!

  1. Hello Julia, I have just found your blog and was very interested to read the thesis you did on The Sims 3 and simulation games. Is that at all possible? Thank you! Also congratulations on your graduation! 🙂

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