Tequatl the Sunless Boss Week

I made an effort this week and took part in the Tequatl Rising Boss Week in Guild Wars 2. Since I am a rather slow player (with an active social life, mind you *g*) I still haven’t played the primary story all the way through, I haven’t done all dungeons and I’m only halfway through with map completion. But I play regularly and I still love it, even if I may never gain legendary weapons or whatever. 🙂

What I particularly enjoyed last week was hunting the clues. It’s a boring pickup quest where you had to visit three zones in Tyria and collect dragon items. But one of those was Frostgorge Sound, a Level 70-80 area in the north of the Shiverpeaks. I had never been there, since the primary story didn’t lead me there and my main character had only recently reached Level 80. So I was like “Road Trip!!1!!” and went off to meet new NPCs, collect dragon shards and… take lots, and lots of screenshots. Fans of Tyrian vistas, enjoy.

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