Fangirl Plays Spore, Part 2

Recently I started re-discovering games that I always wanted to play, but never got around to it. Spore is one of them, and I am tracking my first experiences with the game for fun – read Part I here.

Before I continue onward with my journey to epicspaceempiredom, let me say a few more words about the Creature Phase. I started over on a new planet, just to get one more perspective on everything. My Prine are peaceful herbivores, and my boyfriend’s Carax are slaughtering monsters, I thought there had to be a middle ground. As we already suspected, buying your carnivorous creature a second mouth in the Cell Stage, one that’s usually for herbivores, you can chomp down both the green blobs and the red blobs. As soon as you enter the Creature Stage though, that settles it for your species. I now had access to only omnivore mouthpieces. That, in turn, is the only way to attempt to create actual humans in Spore, since the “human lips” mouth is, logically, omnivore.

That said, I keep noticing that Spore is all about finding out these things. I know – really – that this isn’t a big deal, finding out how to attack properly, how to create an omnivore, how to balance fighting and impressing etc. is easy enough. In the beginning, one might find the lack of a proper tutorial a little off-putting, but eventually I came to like this exploration of the game. I did not even finish watching Nerd’s Let’s Plays of Spore, because I wanted to find out what the game was like by myself.

Normally, I have no scruples whatsoever about looking stuff up on Wikis. For example, when I play Guild Wars 2, and find new cooking material, I check the Wikis if there’s anything I can do with them. I think I just lack the patience and time to really chart my progress as I should. Sad, really, it would be more fun! So in Spore, I’m going for that kind of fun. This random, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, exploration of a video game world. I know it sounds ridiculous, since this is Spore, a whimsical game compared to many more epic worlds to explore. But somehow, this seems like the perfect playground to NOT get everything right. To just mess around. I am a horrible perfectionist, and Spore enables me to just have fun and really not care whether my species is perfect or not.

Not for lack of trying, though. I made this new species and really stayed in the Creature Phase as long as I could. I collected almost every body part, just to experiment with the different types of animals I could make. I was also curious whether my other basic choices of feet or mouths influenced which parts I found next. Sometimes it seemed so, sometimes it didn’t. In the end, I had a thing that looked like a whale-horse-man, reminiscent with their big lips of the creepy EVAs in End of Evangelion. Then I turned them into insects! I got a little competitive there: I really wanted to try to get as many functions on Lvl 5 as I could. In the end, though, stylistically it makes more sense to focus on either friendly or beastly; more on that later.

The liiiiiips are creepy

One more thing I quite like about Spore is the amount of detail you get. The game is not as complex as it pretends to be, but the animation is great. Other creatures nervously skid back when you enter their nest too boldly. They shield their babies. If my creature is too small to reach a fruit on a tree, it sighs sadly in defeat. Honestly, the cuteness in this game knows no bounds, despite the creepy carnivore behaviour. Yeah, I kinda got over that once my whale-horses started slaughtering other creatures for food.

Part of why I got acclimated to the eat-or-be-eaten world is because I died a lot. I mean A LOT. So many times I hopped to closely past another nest, and if the creatures there are on automatic aggressive mode, the entire tribe jumps you and eats you. Sometimes there’s just no running away. At least that kinda made the game challenging – not that it punishes you for dying, really.

This brings me to the next part of the game: The Tribal Stage. But I think I’ll leave that to the next Blog Post, and cover the rest of this entry in colourful screenshots! Because I like screenshots.

Typical me, I only give my creatures wings so I can watch the pretty landscape from on high.

There are truly some things out there you do not wanna cross paths with...

I sometimes roam around just to find these big dudes. It’s kinda gruesome when they eat an entire tribe, but it’s kinda epic, too.

Oh, and I forgot about the alien abductions! I wonder if I get to do that later….?

Seriously, I think sometimes my creatures died because I was too busy watching the sunset. Stay tuned for Part Three, where I finally get going!


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