Fangirl on the move!

I have been wrestling with this for a while now, and now I’ve finally decided: I cancelled my subscription for my domain I don’t know when this will go through, so the old blog will be up for a while longer, but I won’t write there any more. I moved my blog entirely to and will continue blogging here.

Time flies! When I started fangirled in 2009, I was still very much into coding, web design and even made my own wordpress themes. I thought there was no way I would content myself with a hosted name, and really wanted my own space. However, I already have some webspace of my own over at my German blog (that will stay as it is), so I don’t really need it. WordPress, coding and CSS kind of disappeared from my radar, and I stopped working as a web designer a while ago. I don’t really care so much any longer what my blogs look like, so I can live fairly well with the preinstalled themes – they have really evolved in the last four years, which makes their hosting a lot more preferable to me now. Also, it’s free… just saying.

I am still extremely surprised that I kept it up all these years. I am usually hard-pressed to keep long-term commitment to anything, and I tend to abandon projects when they don’t “pay off” for me. Blogging, however, has been different: I am pretty sure there is nobody who really reads this blog, so I have used it as a personal outlet, just to write stuff when I felt like it. That still works, and as long as I’m having fun with this, I’ll just go on… who knows, maybe some people will stumble across fangirled and have fun reading. That’s enough for me 


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