Mojam 2013 was awesome!

Nuclear Pizza War!

I donated to the 2013 Mojam, and they made these awesome games!  Let’s have a brief look, shall we? NUCLEAR PIZZA WAR is great fun. Also, it makes you want to eat pizza – it looks yummy. I didn’t get far, though. Shooter’s always make me SO NERVOUSAAHKILL ALL THE ROBOTS!!

Gettin' hungry here...

Pizza Star Destroyers! Awesome

Yep. So that didn’t work out exactly as planned, lol  Next up: ENDLESS NUCLEAR KITTENS! I sense a common theme…

Endless Nuclear Kittens...

Once more, my shooter qualities leave something to be desired. Yet the game’s pretty funny. Kittens! 


The next game has probably the awesomest title ever: SPACE HUNK



rainbows *_*

We tried two-player. We went CRAZY. Look at all the stuff that’s shooting at you. The rainbows.


OHMAN this is so beautiful. That real arcade power of just SMASHING things


BAAM! That was brilliant. Since sadly, Battle Frogs didn’t run, my last game is the cowboy shooter WASTELAND KINGS! (incl. awesome wasteland music.)

WASTELAND KINGS 01 That's the badassiest fish I've ever seen. Hired.

Naturally I chose the fish. Look at his face!


He’s badass, but that still didn’t help my shooter suckiness…

I am no good at shooters, obviously

Maybe not TODAY! Awesome idea, awesome game.

All in all: MOJAM was brilliant and once more kicked out some crazy fun game in no time at all. I salute you, people, this is great 

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