My First Kickstarter Pledge: Wildman

Wildman 01

Yesterday, I pledged 30$ to the kickstarter campaign of Wildman, a planned action-rpg by Gas Powered. Unfortunately, it seems that the company is in some financial difficulties, and according to Chris Taylor, their future is in the hand of this very kickstarter campaign. I have browsed kickstarter many times, and always found stuff I would have loved to back. Interesting videogames, great board or card games, or even additional gadgetery for existing games. It seems I picked the “right” game for my first actual contribution.  Yet if they do make it, I would at least have felt like I made a difference – and I hope they do, since Wildman looks pretty awesome. 

The art design is reminiscient of Warcraft 3, which I played with great zeal, and I always loved the “single hero” missions. (Maybe I should have gotten into DOTA at some point… but I didn’t.) In that respect, I find it refreshing to have a new setting and storyworld. In the videos, the gameplay looks familiar enough, but still new. Also, I liked Dungeon Siege, so you gotta trust these guys to make a great game, right?

What most intrigued me, though – and this doesn’t even sound like a major gameplay feature – was the “evolutionary” thing. I realise they don’t mean it literally, but I like the idea of having one hero that I get to imporve over time, like in a regular RPG, and yet at the same time have him fight in a larger army. If they pull that off properly, this could be awesome.

Also, of course, lotsa lotsa (comic-coloured) destruction! Who wouldn’t love that? So I really hope they make it. My 30$ would cover two digital versions of the game, which, considering kickstarter, is a pretty good deal. I’m hoping for the Co-Op mode to be in the release version, so I can force an unsuspecting friend to go on Wildman raids with me! 

[Edit] They didn’t make it. Too bad, really 


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