Guild Wars 2 quick Last Beta Roundup

So this was the last Beta Weekend before the big release. To be honest, I don’t know where to begin. I was once again blown away how much simple fun was to be had with this game. The worst about this weekend is the fact that I still don’t quite know what character to play when the game is out. My choices at the moment would be: a Norn Warrior, an Asuran Ranger (just so that her pets can be bigger than her. Hilarious.) and a human character, possibly a necromancer or an engineer. I do love the new races, but I also want a human character to continue the “family lines” we “started” in Guild Wars 1.

This weekend I mostly tried out the Warrior class, the one I hadn’t tried until now. I am surprised how cool that was, because as much as I always loved playing one, it was kinda a dull affair. Not in Guild Wars 2, though. The warrior has a huge range of weapons he can  carry, and bonusses on weapon switching – so I walked around like a one-woman-arsenal, basically. I also spent most of my time doing what I love the most in games: I explored. I simply wandered off into the wild, collecting resources and taking in the new vista points. I enjoyed this immensely. I also let crafting be this time, and selling my collected masses of silver and iron I made a small fortune of 100 silver during the weekend. The market is really practical – it means a full inventory isn’t a problem any longer.

Exploring Tyria is really the most fun I’ve had in a game in a long time. The world is so detailed, so beautiful, and so full of things to discover! For example, I nearly pissed myself when I discovered the Temple of the Owl (or some such thing) in the Norn area… with these little fellows sitting around everywhere in the snow. Adorkable.

I also got another glimpse of what the game will be like in the long run: a lot of event types repeat themselves, and they’re not flocked together quite as densely as they were in the starting areas. This may sound bad, but I don’t think it will be that big a problem. The types of enemies changes with the surroundings, and I got the feeling that the individual stories and ideas behind them are creative enough to keep us players interested. Plus, the range of different event types is bigger than you might think, as I learned in the Asuran starting area.

All in all, a great experience once more…. I can’t wait for release!!


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