Closure for my time in Guild Wars

In light of the upcoming Beta Weekend in Guild Wars 2, I have finally sat down and finished my final “to-dos” in Guild Wars. All I needed was for my Ranger to complete EOTN and get the Monument Armor – which seals the deal with 30 points on the GW2 Reward Calculator! I see this as a final farewell to a wonderful game that has brought me six years of fun and the unique experience of playing with my guild mates.

I think I always had and always will have a peculiar attitude towards MMOs, since I never played anything but Guild Wars, never really looked forward to anything but the sequel, and generally have no time nor interest to play more than one MMO at a time. In this regard, Guild Wars means a lot to me – when I started playing, I also started university, and a whole new chapter of my life. This kind of nostalgic value makes it impossible for me not to like the game – I’m highly biased and cannot help it. On this nostalgic note, here are some screenshots from Eye of the North to celebrate the ending of a great storyline – and the beginning of a new one!


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