Do you sell Segways?

PCGamer has a couple of new videos from the Guild Wars 2 Beta, showing off the grandeur and general epicness of three major cities – Divinity’s Reach (Humans), The Black Citadel (Charr), and Hoelbrak (Norn). Honestly, my first thought was “I hope they come equipped with fast travel”. For crying out loud, in Guild Wars, even Ascalon City used to piss me off, not to mention those weird, unnecessary, yet humongous outposts  in the middle of the Maguuma Jungle. The first time you get there, you’re all exitement, taking screenshots and posing on cliffs. And the next ten times you’re off to get coffee while your character auto-runs to the rune trader.

I jest, but I am actually seriously worried that this might become annoying. At least the atmosphere of the cities seems really nice, they feel alive and realistic enough to keep it interesting. I particularly like the voiced NPCs walking around – and they don’t even jump you like they do in Oblivion!


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