Minecraft Monday: Moar Biomes!

Everybody and their moms are talking about the 1.2 update, and I’m no exception. I am glad the official update is finally out since I plan to generate a new map for my server and wanted the jungle biome upgrade in there.

There’s just something that annoys me about these new biomes despite how cool they are. I feel that every time an update with a new biome is released, our server-map suddenly lacks something and we should start over. The last time we re-booted, our map suddenly lacked the snow biome entirely. Unfortunately by the time the next updatefixed that, we had already explored a lot of the map and needed to go reeeally far to find snow. Some time later, it suddenly snowed in a perfectly square area behind a temple of mine, making it look like I brought out the snow cannons!

Another issue with new biomes and map generator parametres is that they appear everywhere. I don’t particularly like swamps – they look pretty..ish, but when building awesome structures they kinda get in the way. Maybe I need to get into the map editor business after all. All in all, however, I do love the jungles, the ocelots and the whole bunch of improvements and am glad Mojang is not just leaving MC as it is but continue to fuel it with new ideas. Now we can even look forward to the Bukkit crew implementing that mod system everybody (well, every modder) is waiting for.

This Week’s Texture Pack Spotlight

Junk Jack (x32)

I like the edges on this one! Every block reminds me of these soft, padded slabs you can find on children’s playgrounds. No wonder: The creator says it was inspired by Terraria. I think the colourful comic style fits Minecraft perfectly, so thumbs up, ACallander & seanfletchr!


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