I will not die for my house, kthxbye.

So it has come to this. There is to be a Game of Thrones MMORPG. There are already a bunch of GoT games, and yet they really haven’t cashed in on the hysteria enough. It’s to be a browser game, no less, and to be released simultaneously with the start of Season 2. From an economical point of view, I get this, of course. Squeeze that franchise, and squeeze it good. However, I doubt that the world of GoT as we know it from the books and series will make for a gripping MMO backdrop.

It’s a simple subtraction, really: What are the things people love most about the storyworld? The political intrigues, the sex, and the many different characters with their diverse motivations that keep the plot going and the readers guessing. In the MMO you won’t be able to play characters that have any significance for the story as a whole, that’s just not how MMOs work. (One reason, btw, why I’m intrigued by The Secret World.) Unless the game goes the Witcher way, I doubt you’ll be able to have saucy, browser-based sex scenes. So what does that leave us with? A relatively generic, standard medieval fantasy world. My guess is you’ll choose a house and then proceed to pvp-slay some soldiers that happen to wear a different animal on their chest.

I read the books and I did really like the series so far. Really looking forward to season 2. But still, I cannot see a way to transfer the atmosphere or the epic storyline of A Song of Ice and Fire into a profane broswer game. This will only make the brand seem trashy and exploited and may tarnish the good rep it’s been building up with the high-class HBO production.

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