Guild Wars 2 “the real MMO revolution”

I just had a look at the articles published on GameInformer on the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend – and it sounds so awesome. I find it especially pleasing to see the contrast to The Old Republic being so clear-cut. I am a huge Star Wars Fan, and yet TOR never really caught my interest as much as other games did. Maybe I’m just more into fantastical settings than space settings – maybe it’s the subscription fee. At any rate, I really hoped that people wouldn’t forget about GW2 in the wake of TOR. But it sounds as if there’s no need to worry:

In the lead-up to the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare and EA increased the hype by pushing the idea that their game was revolutionary. I always cringed when I heard it. The Old Republic wrapped together a lot of things I already loved about MMOs and proved that adding a real story to that formula is a meaningful change. It was enough to draw me in and keep me hooked for a few months, but calling it “revolutionary” is an exaggeration.

ArenaNet is no BioWare. […] It’s is preparing to release what appears to be the slickest, most smartly developed MMO I’ve ever seen. […] Guild Wars 2 does everything The Old Republic promised and then some. This is the actual MMO revolution we’ve been waiting for.

I cannot even add anything to that, apart from stressing again how AWESOME this game will probably be and how excited I am to actually be a Guild Wars veteran.

I always envied the players of old school games when their fancy sequels came out. For example, I never played Fallout 1 or 2, yet immensely enjoyed the third installment. It made me feel as if I wasn’t qualified to criticise the game or review it in any way, since I wasn’t an expert on the series. But if I started backtracking and playing every prequel there ever was before I got to play a game, I’d never get anything finished. So I try my best at commenting on games I played without any context – and revel in the few series I actually know from the bottom up: The Sims and Guild Wars! (Yes, not much going for me.)

Oh and please, ArenaNet, don’t listen to all the complaints: If you need some more time to perfect this masterpiece of a game, take it. I’d rather have finished awesomeness than… oh let’s face it, even unfinished, this game would rock.


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