Minecraft Monday: Shaders Mod!

I want to add a little more regularity to this blog! Henceforth, I am designating monday as minecraft day. Yes, I know everyone is doing this whole weekday thing, because it works really well. And because alliterations are just so kick-ass.

Today I wanna take a look at Minecraft & Modding. It’s a topic that divides gamers, since on the one hand, MC offers itself so well for modding & texture pack making, and on the other, many gamers love MC for its uncluttered simplicity. As I’ve stated a few times before, I am quite the purist, and often prefer games in their original form. But even I had to cave with all the beautiful minecraft textures – my favourites are John Smith and Dokucraft – and I finally tried out some mods, too.

I didn’t want to get much into the hardcore gameplay mods. Once I tried Tales of Kingdoms, which was fun. It gave me new motivation for the game for a while, but after all I figured if I want that sort of thing, I’d rather (finally) finish playing Oblivion. I am also quite curious about the Aether Mod, but never tried it for said purist tendencies. In the end, the only thing I really wanted to see was the GLSL shaders and improved graphics. It has stunned me right from the start what you could do with Minecraft with these kinds of mods.

I used Sonic Ether’s Shaders on my Minecraft v. 1.1. For this mod, another mod called OptiFine is required. The installation of both mods was easy, but I had to go by trial and error to find out which OptiFine version worked best for me. I went with the Light version, since all the others crashed my MC. So here’s what it looked like for me:

What I particularly like about this mod is that it combines the moving grass and trees mod with the lighting, and really makes the environment come alive. However, it has a similar effect as HDR photography: it’s really bright, all of the time. Even during daytime it looks like you’re approaching a stunning sunset. Additionally, while this feature looks incredibly epic when you’re just flying around, listening to Requiem for a Dream or something, during normal ‘construction work’ I find it too distracting. When walking around too fast, the blurry effects made me really dizzy, and I repeatedly fell off the roof of my house. Yes, maybe I just have a problem; and to be honest, I think I can even live with it if the result is this beautiful.

I’m guessing at this point I am already too used to it and will find normal minecraft dull and lifeless. Still, I’ll give it a few more days and see. In the meantime, I’m off on a magical drug trip through a bright land full of fluffy white sheep and little chickens…


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