End of the Week Musings

I am slightly ill, tired, and played too much. So here’s the result of this weekend’s musings:

1. I find it interesting that usually, hot chicks are used to sell video games to dudes. So far, so logical. Yet why does nobody talk about how hot dudes work to sell games to girls? (Or, for that matter, to gay dudes.) Take Ezio, or the Prince of Persia – the latter was portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal, for crying out loud! Hot dudes are all over the place in games, and the only image I get from advertising is how “cool” and adventurous they are. Is the hotness implied? Are there a lot of gay gamer dudes out there, happy for some nice piece of Persian ass? I’ll need to do more research on this.

2. I really want Skyrim. I don’t have the time or money, but I want it. Even though I am usually more into strategy games. After seeing some more delicious screenshots and reading again about how awesome the gameworld is, how immersive, how natural, I just want to stuff that game into my computer and not leave my room for a week. Even better: someone get me a new mouse and/or screen. *sigh* I’ve been playing quite a bit of Oblivion lately (which shows that I do kinda have time after all, procrastinating reading boring 18th century tomes for my classes…) and although it’s fun, I find it limiting in its dramatic capabilities a lot. Then again, even in Oblivion some stuff creeps me out, so I probably wouldn’t be able to play Skyrim without someone by my side for re-assurance. Any volunteers? You need to be good at making sandwiches, too.

3. I build the Cloud Ruler Temple from Oblivion in Minecraft! Because it was fun! I realise now it could have been bigger… I’ll keep that in mind when I get started on the Imperial City.


All that’s lacking is a little Sean Bean, reading next to the fireplace.



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