Enter the Mesmer!

Finally! It is safe to say that nothing has been as anticipated as the announcement that the Mesmer is the 8th official profession in Guild Wars 2. Of course, everyone suspected that they would be in the game. Still, to see it set in stone is a relief – especially because it doesn’t look as if much has changed.

First, our magical pink friends are still badass backstabbers, using deception and trickery to level the enemies. My personal favorite is the Portal spell, which seems like a hommage to the Portal games – all that’s missing is the character taunting the enemies with appropriate nastiness.

Personally, I tried to play a mesmer in GW1, but never found much fun in it. As boring as this may sound, but I always preferred my melee classes. Still, the mesmer was probably the most controversial class in the game. People either loved them or hated them (or simply loved the dresses, like I did). The builds that were out there were either labelled useless or too imbalanced. But whatever the critique, it still was the only class in GW that could boast of being really original and new. Yes, we knew conjurers and mages before, but the Mesmer’s focus on illusion magic made them really unique. So even though I was never a big fan of playing them, they firmly belong into the GW universe.
(Otherwise how would they have explained their absence anyway?)

One more thing: Every time I see new skill videos I get reminded how much I am looking forward to the game. None of the others being released right now got me this excited. The different races! The cool moves! I don’t know how Guild Wars turned a serial single player into a mmorpg enthusiast, or a player notorious for never finishing games into someone who played all the campaigns several times – but it did. 🙂


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