I don’t understand Lego Minecraft

No, really, I just don’t get it. I mean, at first glance, the idea seems awesome. But then it got me thinking. Lego is about the coolest toy that has ever been invented. You can use blocks of different shapes and colours to build anything that you want. The ultimate sandbox experience.

Wait, but… that sounded suspiciously like a description of Minecraft! And that’s my problem with it. Because that’s what Minecraft is! It’s Lego! On the computer!! As simple as that! Now here’s my question: why would I want a toy that emulates a game I already play that’s based on that toy? Wouldn’t it just make sense to get a regular Lego set and that’s that? Why do I need Minecraft-specific Lego blocks, when Lego already has everything it needs to be cool?

Yes, I know, Lego doesn’t have the mining, the Zombies, the Creepers – and it could be fun to have actual little Lego Creeper figures and build caves with minecart tracks. But beyond the initial gimmick I still don’t see the point. I’d love to give this to a fellow minecrafter as a birthday gift – and still, they won’t be able to do much with it apart from look at it and have a laugh once in a while.

Isn’t the beauty of Minecraft all in the Creative Mode? The fact that there is no limit, that you’ll never run out of blocks? Back when I had two gigantic boxes of Lego in my room (or so they seemed to me) I still got furious every time I was missing the right colour window or door for a house. Yesterday I saw a woman in a shop buying exactly that: boxes of windows, doors, and trees. Cumbersome, I say. Just get that kid an Ipad and a minecraft account 😉

Oh well, I’m not really that cynic. I love Lego and always will, and no video game can ever replace the painful yet nostalgic moment of stepping on Lego bricks with your bare feet. But all in all, let Lego be Lego and Minecraft be Minecraft, we don’t need this particular crossover.

(By the way, an early Merry Christmas everyone.)

25/01/2012 Edit: Memebase picked up on this as well… it was about time!  And so did Penny Arcade! 🙂


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