There be pirates!

After all my sassing and complaining about 3D-Monkey Island, I am forced to reevaluate my opinions. Alas, I know when I am wrong and may as well admit it. Check this out:

This Trailer does not only look extremely delicious, it also convinces me that these guys stay true to the roots! The voices are so funny and fitting, I became all giddy at LeChuck’s “Threeepwood. How good of you to join us.” Rawr. And have a look at this classical DID-rescue attempt:

*sigh* You simply gotta love Guybrush. Why do the always bring out good games simulaneously? I’m still busy with Sims 3, and now this. Plus the new Harry Potter is out soon. I’m having serious time problems here, folks.

Maybe I should go for the old ‘slingshot around the sun’ technique after all…


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