My name is Guybrush Threepwood and I wanna be a pirate!

They did it again! Another old, classic game has been re-modelled into a newer version. This time: The Secret of Monkey Island. At first I didn’t know whether I wanted to jump for joy or weep. Monkey Island, particularly LeChuck’s Revenge, is what got me addicted to adventure games! It’s a classic! Leave it be! But I have to hand it to them: They’re better at this than most movie producers.

Remaking classics seems to be not only fashionable, but also profitable: The Pirates! remake was great; I haven’t tried the remake of  The Settlers 2 , but it looked all right enough; I saw pictures from CivIV: Colonization, again, looks good but haven’t tried it. All these, including MI, have one thing in common: I was absolutely addicted to them.

Inspite of it all, my first reaction to this was: “No Way!” – But then I watched the video on the official game website and quickly changed my mind. I love it! I remember when I played The Curse of Monkey Island I loved the comic graphics. Then they released Escape from Monkey Island and I averted my head in disgust: 3D-graphics? They mutilated it! I’m glad to see they didn’t repeat that mistake with the Special Edition.

The video is quite long, and from what I can see, they stayed true to the original. Good, because anything less the fans would have never accepted in a remake. These guys know what they’re doing. I also love the voices, especially the voodoo lady, and the music is great too. Just from watching it, I want to play the original again! My favourite is still LeChuck’s Revenge! I played it so often, I can’t believe I once needed a walkthrough to help me. The spitting contest, the costume party – it was so perfect. I think I need a “I love Guybrush Threepwood”-shirt.

Additionally, Lucas Arts will be releasing Tales of Monkey Island for Wii and PC. Again, I am sad to see 3D-graphics again – no matter how good they get, they cannot beat a colourful comic drawing. The artwork for the game looks decent enough, though. But I’d rather pay for the Special Edition, just to have a go at the original storyline again.

For further fandom glory, check out the SCUMM Bar (don’t forget the old site!)


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