Star Trek XI

There’s one thing to be said for J.J. Abrams: He definately doesn’t do things by halves. Yeah, why don’t you go ahead and change the timeline of the entire universe. It’s no trouble at all. Use Timetravel! Confuse everyone!

Star Trek XILike most people, I was very apprehensive about the new film. But I was stunned and blown out of my seat. It was so much fun, I’ll probably go and watch it again. The characters were perfect, and Abrams took some time to properly introduce them all. I partucularly loved the snippets of Spock growing up – what a great moment when he refuses to enter the Vulcan Science Academy out of filial pride. And Pine produces the great and typically arrogant Kirk, cheating on the Kobayashi Maru.

Now that’s all well and good, but I was really confused by the time-travel plot. Throughout the film I was wondering whether – and when – they were going to push the proverbial reset button. But as the plot went on it became clear they wouldn’t. And heck, that was quite a commitment, and it was great. Abrams basically reset everything in the Star Trek universe – the nerve! I liked it.

So what’s next? Like a friend of mine rightly observed – they’ve got their own adviser from the future now. He can warn them about every major disaster to come! But – he can’t, can he? Temporal Prime Directive?! They conveniently left it out? What, does Spock have a license to disturb the timeline? So the film was great, but the plot confusing as hell. But I can live with that and I am already looking forward to the next film. Although I hope they make another series one day.


3 thoughts on “Star Trek XI

  1. Its was super.
    And I was one of those “leave my original Star Trek alone” kind of guys.But damn is that a fine piece of movie.
    I mean *warning mini spoiler ahead* they even made the mini love story fit in nicely. 🙂
    I think the big plus for me in this movie is the “original bits”.Quotes and scenes from the original series.
    The green alien…Chekov’s “kjieptnn,kjieptnn”….i´m a doctor not a physicist!!…set phasers to stun…and ohhhh my god,was there joy when Spock said his line :)))
    So yeah: I do SOOOOOO hope there will be more.
    Until then: Live long and prosper.

  2. I was really excited about the movie. The idea of showing the very beginning of the adventures of the “original” crew was just fascinating. The cast was really perfect, though I had a little problem with young Spock being played by the same actor who plays Syler in the series “Heroes”. Maybe this is just because I was used to see him as an evil character.

    It was fun to see the young versions of Kirk, Bones and the others. Karl Urban as Bones did a great job! He perfectly imitated McCoy in the way he speaks, his mimic and gestures. Brilliant!

    The movie has a lot of action and special effects and is very well produced. Abrams did a great job with that.

    But … and now comes a very big BUT part (warning spoiler!):

    Please no time travel again!! I am tired of those time travel stories in Star Trek. There are just way too many! Wait a minute … they don’t change everything back in the end? That’s new and … A CATASTROPHY!!! How many events from the series and other movies are now impossible? “The Search For Spock” is just one example of many! The fact that there are only a few vulcan survivors left, changes the whole universe! I’m sorry, but I can’t accept this. You can’t just write a story that changes more than 40 years of Star Trek completely!

    And what about the famous crew? Oh well, they all(!) got their job by accident. Oops, now you’re the captain, because the vulcan can’t control his emotions. Let’s pick a leader who is less impulsive *g*. Oh Scotty, tired of hanging around with some alien freak on a deserted ice planet? Why not join starfleet and become chief engineer right away? It goes on and on. In my opinion it was just too much coincidence.

    The fun part. Yes, there were some funny situations to laugh about. But sometimes I had the feeling as if the movie is making a persiflage out of itself. I never liked situations where someone is facing death and fighting it by all means and yet has the time to make jokes about it.

    The ice planet and the George Lucas aliens … This was very strange and reminded me of The Phantom Menace. Big Alien is eaten by even bigger alien. I think this just didn’t fit and was only an excuse for more special effects. Speaking about special effects: in my opinion there was way too much blingbling on the bridge of the Enterprise.

    Overall I am quite disappointed about the movie. I wish they would tell new stories in the Star Trek Universe rather than messing up old ones. I think a new series with a new starship and an ongoing story (like in LOST for example) could be much more interessting. Make it a little bit darker and less “perfect worldish” and bring back real conflict instead of soap opera in space.

    Maybe it’s time to finally go where no one has gone before …

  3. Woah, that was one hell of a good review. I should post that instead of mine!
    I agree with you on most of it… but still I couldn’t help but enjoy myself! I guess that goes a long way in the end.
    I guess if they make a new series they’d have to come up with something way special that works with the new timeline… but I think I liked the old one 🙂

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