The Repressed

Finally! I’m as far as season 7 of Voyager now, and finally, there’s a Maquis episode again. What took them so long? Repression was all I ever hoped for during the previous seasons. Why didn’t TPTB stir up a little more ‘repressed Maquis’ trouble before? Of course, the ingenious mind control plot device meant this could’ve happened at any point in time. But still, this theme should have been explored more thoroughly before and this episode would have worked with a little less mind control. A few episodes before, when they get messages from home, Chakotay reminds Janeway that he and some others have not stopped to think of themselves as Maquis, even if Janeway has integrated into their crew. Why didn’t they continue with that thought?

The whole integration happened a little too smoothly. They were terrorists for crying out loud. Apart from the occasional misfit, they all seemed to blend in nicely. And the writers not only let the Maquis rot, they also most certainly dropped Chakotay dead in space. He could have been a far more interesting character if they had only dealt with his ‘darker side’ more often. After all, he used to be an aggressive Maquis Captain, but still we see more of Janeway’s gentle, spiritual lap dog than one can handle. Tuvok on the other hand gets alot more attention. He is a great character, and there have been numerous episodes where he loses control and turns violent. But in the end, it is always clear that he is a ‘good guy’. Chakotay, however, has great potential to cause trouble… more permanently. Sure, he needs to be trustworthy, honourable so to speak – likeable. But whenever he voices his opinion, and mostly he’s right, he is put in his place by Janeway. In Repression, he finally got the chance to be who he used to be once more. I liked that, he finally had more than a few lines, and they weren’t “Yes, Ma’am.” But the mind control thing ruined it. As soon as he snaps out of it, he drifts into the background. Whatever happened to the Command ‘Team’? He definately deserves better.


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