Broken Bow

On the weekend I had the chance to watch the first episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, Broken Bow. I am surprised, positively for the most part, but there were also a few things to criticise.First of all, the setting is great. I loved the Voyager ‘get home’ setting and the DS9 ‘frontier’ – as much as I liked TNG and the Original Series, the ‘just exploring’ theme sometimes seemed a little random. The setting in Enterprise is rough, the ship has no carpets yet and they’re really exploring space for the first time – everything is new, quite a similar ingredient as in Voyager actually. I thought it was great that they didn’t know the Klingons yet. The figure-out-the-language part was really funny, maybe more so to someone who studies languages anyway.

T’Pol should be renamed T’Pout…

What annoyed me a little were the characters – which is sad, because they eventually carry the show. Archer was a little too much the American Hero for me. I liked him, but he and ‘Trip’ seemed a little over-the-top. I liked Reed and Hoshi. But the essence of my annoyance was ultimately T’Pol. She should be renamed T’Pout. And what’s with the ‘shower’ scene?! Was that really necessary? If I was infected with dangerous spores, I’d please like some better treatment than some cream I don’t even apply to my entire body (but to my ears?!)! Hell, if they wanted to show two good-looking cast members a little naked, they could’ve come up with a more convincing reason to do it.

Apart from all that, I guess I’ll watch the rest of it anyway and see how it continues. While there’s Star Trek, there’s hope.

By the way, this is a really funny review of its own.

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