The List to end all Lists

I just stumbled across this amazing collection of Star Trek Top X Lists, and although I haven’t read it all yet, I’m already rolling on the floor laughing. (Literally, since I sit on a bunch of pillows in front of my desk – when I laugh, I lose balance, hence I… well, you get the picture.) The lists range from “Ten Races the Borg won’t Assimilate”: Vulcans  – too submissive: “You will be assimilated.” “That is logical.” to helpful advice such as “Top Ten Signs You Are Going Through Pon Farr”… well, it’s virtually endless. My favourite classes at the Academy would probably be “Command255: Choosing minor landing party members who will die” and “Philosophy 203: Why all major systems fail at the same time”. And last but not least, since I simply have a thing for the Borg (and because I like the word ‘funky’):

Top Ten Ways The Borg Get Funky

10. Assimilating a culture to jazz music
9. Crushing the strong
8. Playing “Uno” in collective consciousness
7. Finger painting
6. Crushing the weak
5. Blowing selves to smithereens
4. Kegger!
3. Crushing those somewhere between strong and weak
2. Lambada Night/Watching “Cops” (tie)
1. Burritos, burritos, burritos!


4 thoughts on “The List to end all Lists

  1. Top Ten Signs Your Friend Is Obsessed With Star Trek

    6. Their garage door opens sideways and makes that cool “Vsoop” sound.
    *afk,pimping out my garage :)))*

    8. Runs out of house with hamsters taped to himself screaming,

    9. Continues to watch the show *even though* he/she has a
    girlfriend/boyfriend (I know – I haven’t heard of a trekkie with a
    girlfriend either.)

    10. Talks!… like!… William!…… Shatner!


  2. Oh my god. My sister is a fangirl and it’s all my fault. What have I done?

    By the way. I really like the last Star Trek series “Enterprise” (unlike many Star Trek fans). To me it was in some ways even better than the others. It was different, less ‘perfect worldish’ and a bit darker. Too bad many fans didn’t accept it.

    One of my favourite scenes from the movies:

    Keep on fangirling! ^^

    • Hehe, thanks! Well, I guess I’ll have a look at Enterprise when I’m through with the other series. 🙂

      That Film is great full stop, and that scene – ingenious. ^__^

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