Fair Haven? More like Romantic Swamp.

I just watched Voyager’s Fair Haven, and cannot for the life of me decide whether I liked it or not. The never dying Janeway/Chakotay supporter in me obviously rages with jealousy. But then again, that particular fangirl fantasy was never really going to happen, so I guess they found a nice way to get the iron lady have some fun for a change. All that angst and drama in the last couple of seasons would have rendered any normal human being insane in considerably less time than 5 years. Fair Haven was supposed to be perfect, so there’s no point moping about how excruciatingly perfect it looked. The flowers! The sunshine! Ouch. I totally agree with Harry, a little fog never hurt anyone. Or maybe it did, but that’s not the point.

Oh you know the story, girl meets boy – girl modifies boy’s subroutines…

The nicest part of the episode has to be the Doctor’s little speech on ‘reality’ – that’s one of the best things about him, he has that unique perspective on things. Then again, how convenient to have a hologram pep talk you when you’re in love with another ‘photons-and-forcefields’-kinda guy. Of course he was going to defend him! As usual, the Doctor gets a great role and the best lines. Gentlemen, please! Love thy neighbor! Perfect.

One more thing on the J/C front, since I am such a hopeless romantic. Why the hell can’t she have a relationship with a subordinate?! Is there a regulation against that? No. (I actually checked, can you believe that.) Beverly and Picard were alright, weren’t they? They didn’t die from one or two tiny smooches. It’s all in Janeway’s head, and I can’t blame any fanfic writer who includes at least one “Janeway gets a kick in the head and then decides she can love someone subordinate after all” scene in their stories. I guess the writers must have wanted to make her a domina in real life but a sheep in the bedroom, and Chakotay’s ‘spiritual’ character wasn’t provocative enough or something. Okay enough speculation, I’ll just continue to watch the series and see what happens the next time they go to Fair Haven. I can’t wait.. urgh.

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